Prices are now available for the AGA Lady Riders’ Championship

I’m having a bet on the AGA iTotal Control lady riders’ championship, who will your money be on?

Our exciting championship for lady riders is now in its 3rd season and popular Wessex bookie Mike Smith has very kindly provided some prices. If you would like to have a flutter then you can contact Mike on 07949 083430, alternatively he will be attending Wessex and Devon & Cornwall area point-to-point meetings. He’s easy to find, just look out for the yellow ‘hunton’ sign … maybe we should get him an AGA sign as well!

Gina Andrews 3/1

Claire Hart 3/1

Hannah Lewis 5/1

Ally Stirling 7/1

Emily MacMahon 8/1

Jacqueline Coward 8/1

Page Fuller 10/1

Bridget Andrews 10/1

Angela Rucker 10/1

Bryony Frost 10/1

14/1 BAR

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