Video – Anglo-Irish Point-to-Point Challenge 2015, Chaddesley Corbett

This is a fabulous short film (accompanied by a fast paced soundtrack) which tells the story of an historic day at Chaddesley Corbett on Monday 25th May. The Albrighton & Woodland (South) hosted the Mountain Warehouse Anglo-Irish Point-to-Point Challenge, which also included the finale of the exciting AGA All Comers Championship. The film was made by Sarah ‘Ripper’ Rippon (Ripper Vision) – who has done work across the racing industry, equestrian world and beyond – and we’re absolutely delighted with it. It starts with an aerial view of the course early in the day – just as people are starting to arrive – then continues with a few brief words to set the scene, before the Irish men’s team are introduced by Neil Walsh. The action comes thick and fast after that and more than one viewing will be required in order to take everything in. It is a fabulous advert for point-to-point horse racing in the UK and we hope you enjoy it!

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