Party time in Lilley as Farmer Jack turns 21!

I thought about leaving the camera at home last weekend so I could get pickled and dad dance. I relented, although I still managed to get pickled, and only ventured onto the dance floor once!

Lenny and Clive – boy did they scrub up well!

I’m pleased I took it as there are some decent pics, although the quality did deteriorate as the evening progressed (alcohol related). I did consider posting them on Facebook but there’s loads so I thought I’d pop them all on here instead, accompanied by a few words of wisdom!

As 7.30 approached there was a good group of us in the bar at the Hilton hotel a couple of miles away, but once the stragglers from Kimble (and elsewhere) had arrived we were soon on our way to Lilley.

The chocolate fountain… more of this later!

There’s never a shortage of booze when you attend a party at Lilley Bottom Farm, although when we arrived there did appear to be a shortage of one other vital ingredient that helps to make a good party – lasses! It looked like my prediction from Edgcote the previous weekend could be correct – although I can’t repeat that here!

Anyway, I had pics to take and wine to drink so I cracked on, although if I had a pound for every photo that features someone giving me the ‘v-sign’ I could probably retire. The father and son below are two of the biggest culprits…

A nice bit of beef from Carvers was served with a smile and there was plenty left for those who wanted seconds (I may have had a small portion). Then it was time for the father and son double act (Simon and Jacksy), and I have Simon to thank for the ‘Farmer Jack’ quip which is included in the title of this blog post!

Both father and son gave a cracking speech, which included a bit of humour and also a fair bit of piss taking, especially from big Si!

The chocolate fountain was very entertaining and provided some great photo opportunities – although if you’re in one of the pics you may not agree!

As you would expect there was a good contingent present from Dan Skelton Racing and all of them were buzzing at the prospect of equalling Martin Pipe’s record of 200 winners in a season – we weren’t to know that they would do it the very next day!

Danielle Farnsworth features in the next sequence of pics, it was a good effort and she only dribbled a little bit – although she wasn’t the only one!

Fran is going in!
“Can you book a taxi for 2am?”… I think that’s what they meant!

The photo booth was popular but I didn’t venture inside, instead I just kept snapping away while getting steadily pickled!

It would soon be time for Martin Wanless to unbutton his shirt – he was also singing – but in the meantime the champ was back at the chocolate fountain for another go!

Not the best pics I’ve ever taken of Gina (or the most flattering) but the last one is quite funny!

The shirt is undone and ‘Mullins’ is in fine voice!

The quality of the pics definitely went downhill from this point onwards although I’m still happy with what I got.

Rachel and Fran busting a few moves!
Go on Sammy!
Mrs S teaching the young ‘uns how it’s done!
Harry Skelton was tearing up the dance floor all night, good preparation for the four winners he was to ride the following day!

More dancing followed, although we had left by the time Fran Nimmo shinned up the pole!

Mr and Mrs Page
Charlie, Toby and Pete
That cheesy grin! My work is done and the Uber is on its way!

As expected, it was a cracking night and I had a hangover to prove it! We made a quick return to Lilley after breakfast to pick up cars and say thank you, and while there my shit tattoo was the subject of some good natured banter! The rest of Sunday was almost a complete write off and we were asleep in the garden for most of the afternoon, only venturing out at around 7 to pick up a dirty kebab – which was delicious! Enjoy the pics!

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