Madness, madness, they call it madness

Nutty boys and girls, Fred Perry shirts, pork pie hats, safari suits, dad dancing, confiscated sweets, miniature gin bottles stuffed in bras and fezzes as far as the eye can see – it must be a Madness gig!

It’s one week since we were at Ragley Hall to watch Madness on the third leg of their Stately Madness tour and I still can’t get ‘Night Boat to Cairo’ out of my head! Mind you, I’m not complaining as I love the song and it brings back many happy memories of my teenage years!

There are four in our little group and we rocked up at Ragley Hall about half an hour before the gates were due to open. Three of us are full on ‘Madheads’ and the other one – my wife – is here for a good night out… and to take the piss out of my dancing!

We all have chairs (it’s an age thing) and they come in handy during the build up, although we have no intention of sitting in them once the Nutty Boys are on stage! We also have some sweets and some miniature gin bottles.

The sweets are confiscated – much to our dismay – but the gin miniatures survive the search as they are stuffed down a bra and nobody was brave enough to search there!

Front row in the chair section!

Our early arrival has ensured that we can bag a good spot in the chair section, so we settle down with a portion of sausage and mash to indulge in some people watching while we wait for the support act.

The support act are not The Lightning Seeds (who were advertised as support on Ticketmaster) but that doesn’t spoil the evening and The Tailormade do a grand job of getting the crowd warmed up for the main event.

I must admit that writing about this gig is a bit of an afterthought so I apologise that the video clips and pics are a bit random. They’re also definitely not the best quality I’ve ever posted, however, they help to tell the story of a great night so they’ll do for me.

The fez seller looks to have done a roaring trade (two for £12) and there are a sea of fezzes bouncing around as Madness kick off proceedings just before half eight with One Step Beyond.

The sun finally made an appearance, just in time for an aptly named hit…
Fez sales were through the roof!

We had to take a breather for a couple of minutes during The Sun and the Rain and the wife did a bit of chair dancing (see below), although we were soon bouncing around again as the boys launched into Wings of a Dove.

The fellas rattled off four classics to finish the set – House of Fun, Baggy Trousers, Our House and It Must Be Love (somebody proposed during this one), before returning for an encore of Madness and Night Boat to Cairo.

House of Fun selfie with the sister-in-law (Karen) and the wife!
And another one, this time with the brother-in-law (Marcus) as well.
It Must Be Love…
A brilliant encore, still singing it seven days later!

What can I say, I loved this lot when I was a teenager and I still love ’em now, so, in the unlikely event that Suggs, Chrissy Boy, Bedders, Mike Barson, Woody or Lee Thompson read this, I’d like to say please don’t pack it in just yet, we’re all having far too much fun!

Until next time…

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