An entertaining afternoon with the local shoot in Marton

I enjoy an afternoon with the local shoot and I always take my camera, however, this time I took the dog as well! He’s not the breed of dog that you normally see on a shoot, but he certainly enjoyed it – and so did I!

Percy has his first encounter with some pheasants!

Lunchtime is always a good time to arrive at an Ellis shoot as there’s usually a decent bit of scran on offer, and there’s always plenty of banter!

These boys were pretty keen when they saw the camera!
A leisurely lunch was enjoyed by all

There was a nice walk to the first drive post lunch, but transport was also provided.

There was a lot of pointing and a bit of shouting but the guns were soon in position, all I had to do was find a safe spot to stand with my ferocious French Bulldog…

This one got away…

I was just about in the middle of the line of guns but there wasn’t much action so I decided to change position for the second drive.

The Squire!
Father and son
I was the last one over this obstacle, fortunately nobody was pointing a camera in my direction!

There was a fair bit more action on this drive and I was almost tempted to let Percy off to try a pit of picking up… maybe next time!

There’s always someone there with a camera when you least expect it!
That looks suspiciously like the Ellis ‘v-sign’!
Mr Wright – always entertaining!

On a serious note, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon and I’d like to thank all of the boys (particularly Ellis senior and junior) for some great banter and some cracking entertainment. Hope you like the pics – see you on the 12th!

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