All change again but still plenty of time for photos!

Almost three years have passed since my departure from AGA. It’s been an interesting and enjoyable ride with lots of new challenges, and around 18 months ago the biggest challenge came when Cindy and I took over the Rugby Farmers Mart cafe. This was a new and exciting venture for us and we’ve worked hard to establish it, we also enjoy it. 

Sheep are often trickier to photograph than horses!

I’m pleased to say that it is going well, but as a consequence I no longer have the time to commit to permanent social media management (although I still dip in and out when required). Having said that, I am still available for yard visits for photography, video clips and blogging, and I always bring biscuits! Just ask the team at Fern Farm – the home of Claire Hart Equine – as I still manage to visit at least once a month, sometimes twice, and I love it!

There’s always lots going on, you never know who is going to turn up, and, everyone is ALWAYS pleased to see me – although that could possibly be due to the biscuits!

I’ve been to Fern Farm twice during November and these pics are from the first visit. Above and below, Beth (red jacket) leads on Creepy, Vics is next on Take A Glance, with Dawn on In A While Crocodile.

In the pics below, Claire is on He’s A Bully and Sinead is on a Midnight Legend 3-y-o. They did three canters up the gallop at Richard Phillips Racing, which is only a couple of fields away from Claire’s yard.

As you can see from the next set of images, there were plenty of visitors around!

During a visit to Fern Farm, you can often find yourself roped into driving the ‘gallop vehicle’, which is used to ferry owners and other visitors to the top of the gallop. Last time I’d driven a jeep load up to the gallops they had sat on straw and there were Top Spec feed bags where the back windows should have been. I’m pleased to say that there has been an upgrade since then and the new gallop vehicle is rather smart! 

Sinead has obviously just said something incredibly funny, she does that, a lot!

Julie Wadland was the next visitor to arrive, she brought three to canter (Midnight King, Sarah Marie and an unnamed 4 year old by Goldwell). Sarah Marie also had a pop in the school. 

Hannah Gregory also made an appearance
Sinead and Beth
Cynnie and Julie were delighted to see me… or maybe they were just pleased with Sarah Marie’s schooling session!

Sinead is on Cindy in the pics above – a yearling filly by Footsteps In The Sand.

Claire with Next Surprise, aka Nico

As you can see there’s a lot that you can do in a morning, and we also got some good video footage in the school – all of which provides great content for social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Send a message or give me a call if you would like me to visit, biscuits are included in the price!

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