Rugby Primestock and Farmers Annual Dinner

We attended the Rugby Primestock and Farmers Annual Dinner the weekend before last at Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club, and we had a cracking night! I wasn’t ‘on duty’ but I popped the camera in the boot just as we were leaving… and it’s just as well that I did!

We normally see all of these boys and girls in their work clothes so the first thing that we noticed when we arrived was just how well everyone scrubbed up – and we couldn’t smell any cow shit!

The prosecco was going down well – too well – and then came the question that I was half expecting, “I don’t suppose you’ve brought your camera?”

I retrieved the camera from the boot before I got too pickled and set about getting some snaps, starting with the naughty table!

The meal was delicious, especially the beef and it was followed by trophy presentations and a guest speaker, with RFM auctioneer, Tom Wrench introducing the presentations.

The trophies were presented by celebrity auctioneer, Richard Winterton, who would be back later in the evening to tell some tales about his life as an auctioneer, including his time as part of the BBC Bargain Hunt team.

Mrs S loved her flowers
I loved my bottle of scotch (and the party poppers) – thank you!
Richard Heckford MBE

We enjoyed the dinner and the company, and I think the pics provide a nice snapshot of the evening. We left just as things were winding down, deciding not to join ‘the kids’ as they headed into Leamington Spa – because our clubbing days are over!

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