Alarm clock required for the Atherstone!

I’m writing this the night before another early start – Chaddesley – with a major decision still to make. Should I make the turkey rolls now, or in the morning? One other major decision has already been made, Mrs S will not be joining me at Chaddesley, and probably won’t be seen pointing again until spring!

Making the rolls fresh in the morning is the plan, but it will still be another early start – let’s hope it’s as good a days racing as we had at the Atherstone.

The 10.15 start caught a few out and I was a bit late on parade, but there was a still a decent crowd as they went to the start for the first Midlands Area fixture of the season.

Enfant Du Mou was a very tidy winner of the first for G&T Racing

As usual, my blog just provides a flavour of the day, for full results and a more detailed report please visit the national Point-to-Point website. Click here for results, and here for a report.

The fella with the big white beard popped in…
These two were spotted reminiscing about the good old days…

It was a good day for the O’Shea team as they continued their good early season form with a double. The first leg coming in the Skinner’s Ladies Open.

This one could be used for a caption competition!
I’ve almost taken as many pics of this dog (Truffles) as I have of our dog (Percy)!

There was a Christmas jumper competition for dogs, and also one for humans! We entered Percy. He didn’t win.

The winner…
Gina finished the day as she started it – with a winner!

There was the usual back of the car gathering to finish the day, involving some tasty scran and copious amounts of gin! Then there was a bit of drama concerning my inability to remove my vehicle from the muddy car park. After much piss taking, Tom Ellis reversed it off – something tells me I won’t be allowed to forget this in a hurry!

Did he take the piss out of my driving next time he saw me? YES!

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