Jerk chicken , cake and giraffes!

Well, I said we would go back to The Barn at Greens (Greens Home & Garden) and we have returned – several times!

To be fair, it wasn’t hard to find an excuse for another visit and I was back the very next day to sample the ‘Barn Big Breakfast’ – I wasn’t disappointed. While eating my breakfast I clocked a toasted sandwich, although this would have been a step too far so I resolved to return later in the week to try it!

I did return, along with Mrs S, and the sandwich was delicious, although it was the most expensive sandwich that I’ve ever had as we also popped next door to Paul Edwards Interiors to purchase a rather trendy piece of wall art (see pic, below)! I must say it was worth it, on both fronts!

There are plenty of other nice places to eat in Warwickshire so we decided to leave it for a couple of weeks – until we spotted the jerk chicken on The Barn at Greens facebook page last Saturday!

The chicken was delicious and full of flavour, and it was served with mango coleslaw and sweet potato fries – which were nice and crispy! Mrs S was impressed (better than Nando’s she said), and she asked to see the chef, Jade, so that she could tell her!

The kitchen dream team, Jade and Jay!

Mrs S doesn’t hand out praise lightly so I knew she had enjoyed it, I also think it might appear on the Rugby Farmers Mart Cafe menu quite soon!

We’ll probably try and work our way through the entire menu before spring arrives, but there’s also been a development on the cake front (I love cake). A new cabinet has appeared which is crammed full of tasty treats – cake and coffee anyone?

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