Larkhill in January – it was almost tropical!

Twelve months ago I was whining about being cold (very cold) at Larkhill, and I told the wife to lock me in the shed and hoy the key away if I ever said that I was going back there! She didn’t try and lock me in the shed, although she did remind me that I come out with some absolute rubbish at times!

Harty is always happy to have a few words, and the older she gets the more she enjoys it!

The alarm was set for 7am and it was duly snoozed, with me waking up again at 8.04am, the only problem being that departure time was 8am – and it was six miles away! Fortunately for me, Jack Andrews is quite laid back so he waited (his eldest sister would probably have gone without me!).

We arrived in good time and a cheeky gin was duly guzzled (by me, not Jack), but I passed up the opportunity to walk the course!

As ever, these words and pics are a reflection of my day – which I thoroughly enjoyed – and the official results, a detailed report and lots more can be found on the national website by clicking here.

Ripper was on good form before the Skinner’s Ladies Open
A familiar face to followers of National Hunt racing – Mark Bradstock
The bowler hats were out in force today
Four loose ones off for a racecourse gallop after Div 2 of the Open Maiden
A very popular winning owner, Stan Rawlins (centre)

So, was it almost tropical? Not quite, but I wasn’t shivering and I had a bloody good day! Thank you.

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