Party time at Heath Barn… again!

Big party weekend, part one (G&T Racing). Ellis parties are never tame affairs, and this one didn’t disappoint! A barn full of happy people, copious amounts of booze and some top tunes – there are worse places to spend a Saturday night! There are over 400 pics, so I’ve only posted a handful below, but there’s a link at the end to view, download and save the whole album.

And they stayed sober all night, well, two of them did…

The likely lads – Clive and Lenny – did a cracking job behind the bar, possibly the first time they’ve been sober(ish) at an Ellis shindig!

Good effort, Paolo!

The first hour can be crucial for me as I’ve been known to peak too early occasionally, thankfully that wasn’t an issue tonight!

Before… I don’t have any ‘after’ pics, probably just as well!

Some of the team decided a sensible ‘before the carnage’ pic would be a good idea – what an angelic looking bunch!

Filling up nicely

Top quality party food consisted of a selection of pizzas and a very tasty paella – a great choice which went down very well.

The boys tuck into the paella

The vodka jelly was deployed next – let’s just say that some people were better at using their tongues than others!

Vodka jelly selfie anyone?

The host was pretty good with her tongue (see the pic below), while others had to resort to fingers!

Impressive use of the tongue from Georgina…

Big dishes of sweets were passed around by Mr Ellis senior, although I don’t remember seeing him tackle a vodka jelly.

Big T has his hands full…

Jaeger bombs were next up (I like them), then the lads and lasses hit the dance floor for the rest of the night…

Turn the music up
Let’s get this party started!
Loves a party, this one!
Stage invaders!
Happy lasses
More happy lasses
Jacksy did a grand job behind the bar before hitting the dance floor!

I still reckon I’m the coolest 57 year old in Warwickshire but unlike at previous parties I made my exit at a sensible time (no sleeping in the car this time), although I must admit I had one eye on part two of the party weekend the following day at South Fork. I think it was a good decision, even if it did mean that I missed some of the ‘action’!

This link can be used to view all of the images from Saturday, they can be downloaded individually by clicking the blue arrow below each image, or the whole album can be downloaded and saved. The link expires after seven days so get cracking! Any problems just give me a shout – enjoy!

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