Raise your glass for Latenightpass

Big party weekend, part two. The second party of the weekend was not quite as lively as the first one, the Heath Barn shindig that took place the previous evening, but it was no less enjoyable. We were pleased to make the cut for this one as we sat down to a very tasty lunch – and lots of champagne – to celebrate the exploits of a tough little homebred horse called Latenightpass (aka Bobby).

This impressive structure was inspired by ‘Bobby’, we love it!
Pride of place for the impressive and historic trophy that is presented to the winner of the Randox Foxhunters’ Open Hunters’ Chase – click on the link to see the result from Aintree and to watch the race.
Pip and Tone – they scrub up well!
A contender for longest traveller – Mr Peter Burgon (left) has a pre-lunch chat with Tony. Peter writes lots of nice things about point-to-point horse racing, there’s an example here.

There’s around 200 pics all told so I’ve not included all of them here, instead there’s a link at the end of this post for those who would like to view, or download and save the whole album. Trevor was also snapping away throughout the afternoon so hopefully between the two of us we managed to capture all of the key moments!

Look closely – who’s that peeping over the wall?
Filling up nicely!

It was filling up nicely and lunch was imminent, meanwhile, the Heath Barn team were gathered in a corner swapping stories…

There’s a right cheeky one in the middle!
John Docker was on good form
The lunch was delicious, I wasn’t first in the queue, but I was in the first five!
The one in the middle reckons he’s the best looking out of the three…

It was one of those days were every time your glass was half empty it seemed to be miraculously topped up! I’m not complaining, although there were several out of focus images during the second half of the afternoon and that tells its own story!

The host doing the rounds…
The trainer gave a nice little speech then presented Anthony Caswell with his three to follow winnings.
Ian and Lorraine Buckton
I love this one!
Head on shot of owner and jockey with ‘horseshoe Bobby’.
“Who wants more gin?” says Keith Loads!
Mr Howlett enjoyed his day!

Well, that was a bloody good party and I was sent home clutching a couple of bottles of red. I did protest but big T was having none of it so I gave in – and I didn’t spill a drop on the way home! The full album van be viewed, or downloaded and saved by clicking on this link. Should anyone wish to purchase images I will post a link on my social media channels.

Mr Ellis insisted I take a drop of red home with me, so I did, cheers!

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