New season, new team and probably the best view from an office, ever!

It’s been an eventful few months since my last blog post and a lot has happened since I finished my assignment as the Bidpoint man in June. I had the rest of the summer off but the free time wasn’t wasted as I managed to get to grips with the garden. I also had a gin or two, did some decorating, and managed to get on the wife’s nerves a fair bit – Mrs S will confirm that I’m quite good at that!

I quite enjoy this gardening lark!

As summer turned to autumn the search for a new career commenced, although doors were slamming shut left, right and centre and the self styled coolest 51 year old in Warwickshire was starting to get a bit concerned. Then a surprise lifeline arrived from G&T Ellis Racing.

Even the horses were laughing when I first turned up at the Ellis yard!

How did that happen? I had never put a rug or a head collar on a horse and thought that mucking out three stables an hour was quite good so when I was blowing out of my arse on the first morning I can only imagine what Tom and Gina were thinking!

Shit and straw… that pretty much sums up the first part of my morning!

I know what I was thinking, I’d found a new lease of life and by the Tuesday of the first week I knew this was for me. I loved my new ‘office’, I was just hoping that Tom, Gina and the team felt the same way!

They’re smiling, I must be doing ok

It took four days before I was issued with my first bollocking, although it was quite a mild one as bollockings go! I had managed to get a couple of horses mixed up and popped them in the wrong stables. An easy mistake to make you might think with a barn full of brown horses… except one was black and the other was brown. Anyway, no harm was done and there was plenty of ‘banter’ the following morning.

I now know where they all live… although I needed a spreadsheet and some help from Charlie!
The view from my new office… awful isn’t it?

One week has turned into four and I’m working hard and learning something new every day. The soft office hands are a thing of the past and I love being part of this team – it’s also finally helped me to leave the ‘AGA man’ behind (I’m ‘big bear’ now).

Going pointing when the team has a runner is a new experience, it’s even better when we have a winner!
You look at schooling in a different light when you’ve helped to build the fences!
A visit to Dan Skelton Racing to watch some of our pointers work was a nice treat for a Friday afternoon.
You can’t beat a frosty morning on the gallops!

There’s plenty for me to write about so my blog posts will be a lot more regular as I give an inside view of life in a busy point-to-point yard – with lots of photos of course! There’ll also be lots of stories about standing in a field watching horse racing, plus, there will be news from the trainer and the champ about our plans for the season ahead. Gin might also get a mention from time to time but there will definitely NOT be a blog about the yard Christmas party!

There might even be a yard Christmas card this year!

Check back later this week for an update from the trainer about our plans for the busy festive period.

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