Point-to-Point champions crowned at Belfry

The annual Point-to-Point Awards were dished out at The Belfry last weekend and I was on hand with my camera to capture events as they unfolded. The brief was simple, get pics of all of the award winners, a few candid shots and facilitate any requests for pics – I think we did ok.

L-R: Adam Hurley, Carl Evans & Luke Harvey run through the award winners prior to the off

Regarding the award pics, there were a few challenges to overcome with the backdrop (noted by organisers beforehand), but I’m fairly happy with the results, and there’s also a few ‘interesting’ dancefloor shots from later in the evening to add to the collection!

Some of the Rowley team enjoying a pre-awards glass of fizz
Fuller team pic
New PPA Chairman, Peter Wright deep in conversation
Team Ellis, minus the Ellis duo

There are a lot of pics to share so the best way to proceed is to get as many of them on here as possible and for me to avoid waffling!

If you’ve never seen Luke Harvey host one of these do’s then you’re missing a treat! He rattles through the awards and he’s funny, very funny! Nothing is off limits, and you really don’t know what he’s going to say next.

Peter Wright and Luke are about to take to the stage

Shirley Turner won the Cynthia Higgon Point-to-Point Secretaries Association Award (presented by Stephen Howlett, above), and Richard Wilson won the Sir Michael Connell Award for his work as a steward (presented by Big Al, below). Both received plenty of applause.

There was a break for dinner, which presented an opportunity to grab a few more pics in between courses, then Luke kicked on with the rest of the awards,

Carl Evans has reviewed the evening and you can read his excellent report on the national website here, along with a list of all of the award winners. 

Foran Equine champion Point-to-Point trainer, Phil Rowley was a popular winner and he was given a raucous reception when he stepped up to collect his award. 

Izzie Marshall and Claire Hardwick shared the runner-up spot in the Skinner’s ladies championship (a series which will always be close to my heart, whoever sponsors it), and Claire said “the older I get the more I enjoy it!”.

Gina was crowned champion lady rider for the fifth time, and she has her sights set firmly on a sixth title. 

Mrs S was very nearly a non-runner, however, I’m pleased to say that she made it!

There was plenty of action on the dance floor, although a good number of the ‘grown ups’ chose to congregate in the bar area (joined occasionally by ‘the kids’ to stock up on booze).

Time for a nap, Zac?
The champ and Luke nearly went for a late night spin, but this buggy was not for moving!

We drifted away just after 2am for some well earned sleep, although the hardcore managed to hang on for another 30 minutes, with Tony Ellis claiming the ‘last man standing’ award. And that was it for another year, although there were some interesting sights at breakfast!

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