Top scran from The Barn at Greens!

How many times have you driven past those giraffes on the A46? You know the ones, they’re by the ‘TGI Fridays‘ roundabout. We’ve been past loads of times and have always wondered what else is behind that fence. Well, now we know!

The giraffes are lovely, but they weren’t the reason for our visit, we were after the brunch – and the cake, obviously – which was being served in the recently opened, The Barn at Greens!

I had the homemade potato hash – it was delicious – and Cindy tried a cheeky little red onion and goats cheese quiche, which was served with chips and salad!

The green eggs and toast looked delicious, too – I will have that next time!

I already know what I’m having next time (see pic above) and I’ll also be popping in for a ‘Barn Big Breakfast’ during the next couple of weeks.

Everyone knows I like cake, although being married to a master baker has made me quite picky – if it’s not moist then I aint eating it! The selection here was superb, but I didn’t know where to start, so I asked the boss – Kelly Iles – for a recommendation.

She suggested the raspberry and chocolate fudge cake (good choice), and Cindy opted for a slice of treacle tart (with custard). Both were delicious, and if you’re pushed for time then cake and coffee is a very good option. It’s also very reasonably priced – as is the rest of the menu.

At this point Cindy disappeared into the adjoining interiors shop – Paul Edwards Interiors – and I was soon instructed to follow her (I always do as I’m told!). She emerged empty handed but it’s odds on that she’ll be parting with some dosh in there soon!

I would recommend ‘The Barn’ to anyone but there are also plenty of other retail outlets at Greens Home & Garden, and there’s plenty of parking spaces available. If you’re looking for something for the home and garden – and a nice bit of scran – then it’s definitely worth a visit.

Step away from those farm animals, Mrs S!

I can’t believe that it’s taken so long for us to discover Greens, but we’ll be back, very soon!

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