Life begins at 40 for Hayley!

Another weekend, another party! This one was at Leamington Rugby Club to celebrate Hayley’s 40th birthday and it featured lots of drinking and lots of dad dancing – which made for some amusing photos! There’s a good handful included here and I’ll share a link for the full album at the end of this post.

Before the carnage!

I managed to grab the Easterlow boys and girls before the first round of shots were necked! It was a bit like trying to herd cats – Marcus was nowhere to be seen, talking apparently (I know, that’s hard to believe) – but the resulting pics made it worthwhile.

Family group
One of these two said “make sure you get my good side!”… can you guess which one?
My name is Hayley and this is my first drink…
Getting the lid of this jar of gherkins proved to be quite a challenge – loads of people had a go!
Not sure what they’re watching (maybe a video about how to get the lid of a jar of gherkins), but I think the pic would be ideal for a caption competition!
Filling up nicely…
The first round of shots… it got messy!
New Year’s Eve 2022 could be a bit of an anti-climax, unless these two are planning a first year anniversary party?
My smiley neighbour…
Sister-in-law x 3
Our lass served up a canny bit of scran!
Not sure what was in that one but I don’t think Hayley and Scott liked it!
Did someone mention dad dancing?
Seasoned party animal with apprentice party animal (although I reckon he’s served his apprenticeship if the truth be told!)
It looked like the dad dancing and shots had started to take their toll, but Marcus got a second wind!
The birthday girl was wielding a very sharp knife but no damage was done and she gave a very nice speech!
Told you he got a second wind!

The cake was cut and distributed, the last dance was done and the party was over… although the after party in Cubbington was quite enjoyable by all accounts! The full album can be viewed, or downloaded and saved by clicking on this link. Digital images and prints can also be purchased direct from me (website coming soon).

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