Pics from around the ring at the Midlands Mart!

For almost six years I’ve taken photos in and around the ring at Rugby Farmers Mart. I was there again at the end of February (cattle one day, sheep the next), although it wasn’t the beasts that I was interested in, it was the characters that inhabit the market – and there are plenty of them! I had the idea that I was going to showcase them using mainly black and white images, and I think it’s turned out okay… although some might say that I’ve included a few too many pics of Mr Ringer and Mr Wrench in this selection from the Store Cattle Sale!

It was a flying visit during my lunch break for the Store Cattle Sale on the Thursday, but I managed to stay a bit longer for the Peter Batchelor Flock Dispersal on the Saturday. There were plenty of familiar faces around the ring and it was good to see a fair few young ‘uns in attendance. I’m quite pleased with this selection, once again they are predominantly black and white…

Just one more pic to share (below), although it’s from last July as I didn’t want Emma to look at this blog post and feel left out…

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